Darkest Times

‘Darkest Times’ was a dramatic/musical reading of selected poems written by German poet and playwright Bertolt Brecht between 1913 - 1956.


Actors: Maisoon Abu Asaad, Shadi Muqresh and Nusaima Daher.

Singers: Dima Orsho, Shadi Ali.

Musicians: Jean Ashji (Violin), Khaled Omran (Contrabass), Mohammed Nameq (Cello).

Music composer and arranger: Dima Orsho

Adapted and Directed by: Noura Murad.

‘Darkest Times’ was supported by Goethe Institute in Damascus and performed in celebration of Bertolt Brecht’s birth centennial at Hammam Fathi, Al-Midan, Damascus, 2004.

This performance participated in the 16th Cairo Festival of Experimental Theatre, was presented at Al-Herrawi House with a participation of costume designer Zilal Al-Jabi, and clarinetist Kinan Al-Azmeh.