Nagham Mualla

Nagham graduated from the Ballet School in Damascus 2007. During her sydies in Higher Institute of Dramatic Arts in Damascus –Dance Department she participated in several classic dance workshops supervised by: Wilfride Piollet, Jean Guizerix, Christophe Duveau, Marie Christine; modern dance workshops supervised by: Helge Mosial, Henrietta Horn, Philip Bergman; jazz dance workshop supervised by Niles Ford; and choreography workshops by Eva Villanueva.

As a dancer, she participated in many performances such as ‘Egyptian Fantasy’ in 2004, ‘Zeryab’ in 2008, ‘Magical Mazes’ and ‘If Petra Tells’ in 2009.

Since 2012, Nagham has been working as a teacher of Classic Dance and Repertoire at the Dance department  in the Higher Institute of Dramatic Arts. Also in 2012, she started teaching Classic Dance in the Ballet School, managed by her between 2015 and 2017.

She supervised the celebration of the 2014 International Dance Day, and the 2015 graduation project of fourth-year Dance Department students.