2004 - 2006 MOMO

This project aimed at encouraging children and adolescents aged 8 and above to read. Thus, Dar Al-Fikr for Publishing and Distributions reprinted Baher Al-Jawhari’s Arabic translation of Germany’s Michael Ende’s ‘Momo’: A novel that became a legend in Germany, and is one of the best productions of international children’s literature. The book was linked to a series of artistic activities:

Interactive theatre classroom performance for 4th graders – 2004

Sponsored by Goethe Institute in Damascus.

For details about the performance click here 

Audio CD for blind children and teenagers, and the wide audience – 2004

Sponsored by Goethe Institute in Damascus, and Dar Al-Fikr for Publishing and Distribution.

Duration: 70 Minutes.

Actors: Maisoun Abu Asaad, Shadi Muqresh, Bassam Dawood, Mazen Abbas, Kamel Nejme, Louise Abdulkarim, Fadi Hamwi, Shadi Ali.

And: Nusaima Daher, Samer Omran, Mohammed Alarashi.

Singers: Dima Orsho, Shadi Ali.

And: Asem Sukkar, Wael Wahbi, Linda Bitar, Sawsan Iskandar, Waseem Ghrewi.

Musicians: Omran Al-Asimi (Saxophonist), Haidar Haidar (Guitarist), Mohammed Nameq (Cellist).

Sound Engineering, Recording and Technical operations supervisor: Mohammed Alarashi – W.M.J.M Studio.

Master out: Mamer Abaza, Studio 2000.

Music composer and arranger: Dima Orsho.

Director and Artistic Supervisor: Noura Murad.

The CD was released in the World Book and Copyright Day 2005 in the Arab Cultural Center in Damascus.

In the same year, Goethe Institute in Damascus organized a CD listening session for associations of blind Syrian children and teenagers. Another listening session was arranged in Goethe Institute in Morocco, 2014.

An upcoming project will make the ‘Momo’ CD available online in MP3 form.

First Arabic Version of the German/Italian Cartoon – 2006

Sponsored by Goethe Institute in Damascus, and Dar Al-Fikr for Publishing and Distribution.

Duration: 77 minutes.

Director: Enzo d’Alò

Musician:  Gianna Nannini

Starring: Maisoun Abu Asaad, Shadi Muqresh.

And: Ali Al-Qasem

Actors: Yahya Hamwi, Mohammed Kher Al-Jarrah, Raghda Shaarani, Mazen Abbas, Ali Sattouf, Marwan Abu Shahin, Husam Alshah, Bassam Dawood, Laith Al-Mufti, Ramez Al-Aswad, Ibrahim Issa, Alaa Al-Zoabi, Kamel Nejmeh, Lamis Abbas, Louise Abdulkarim, Fadi Wafaii, Jaber Al-Jokhadar, Hami Bakkar, Nisreen Fandi, Fadi Hamwi, Mazen Jibaii, Shadi Ali, Suzan Salman.

Guest appearance: Nusaima Daher, Mohammed Alarshi.

Script translator: Dr. Nabil Haffar.

Adapted Script writer: Radwan Taleb

Song Lyrics rewritten by: Rama Qanawati

Proof-reading and artistic consultation by: Nusaima Daher.

Arabic Credits Designer and Executor: Mohammed Diar Bakerli

Singer: Lena Chamamian

Music Supervisor: Shadi Ali

Dubbing Supervisor: Mamer Abaza - Studio 2000

Song Recording Supervisor : Mohammed Alarashi W.M.J.M Studio.

General Supervisor: Noura Murad

Artistic Execution: Leish Troupe

Arabic version copyright: Goethe Institute, Damascus 2006

Publishing and Distribution copyrights: Dar Al-Fikr for Publishing and Distribution 2006 - 2011.

The film was released in an open free show at Cham Cinema in Damascus, 2006. During the premiere, packages containing the film, the audio CD and the book were distributed free of charge after being available in Dar Al-Fikr center for nominal prices.