Final worshop presentation with professional dancers

"The relationship between the word and the movement" a research had started with the establishment of Leish in 1999 and still accompany it until now, regardless of whether the word in the presentations or absent ..
A relationship that is intense in that it is complex, varied, rich, governed by a dynamic that is unique when it comes to working with a professional dancers.
A fifteen-day workshop in which we explored that relationship, the dancers tested expressive tools they had never experienced before, and a thinking mechanism belonging to the theater bassed on our personal experience., we have dealt with concepts that have prevailed in our society from time immemorial and are devoted as axioms for some, clichés for some , and taboos for some others. The research and writings of Moroccan social scientist Fatima Mernissi illuminated that research for us into the sensitive and special corners of the personal aspect of our daily lives.