About us

Leish Troupe is an independent physical theatre company that was founded in 1999 in Damascus and was licensed by Syrian Artists Union’s resolution no. 1294 in 2000.

Our work aims to expand the audience and practice of modern body-based performing arts in Syria, which we approach by means of building a movement vocabulary of the Arab body, developing the expressional language of all performance elements, and presenting an effective relationship with the audience.


We present physical theatre performances based on Autoportrait, a method that opens the space for performers to co-build the performance with their personal experiences and stories. Leish’s performances combine performers of various artistic backgrounds: actors, dancers, singers, musicians and artists; and are set in alternative places. We also facilitate and organize contemporary performing art workshops to build capacities of amateurs and professionals of all specializations. We tour and participate in local (Syrian) and international festivals. Through long-term projects, we research the movement vocabulary of socio-religious rituals in the previously called ‘The Levant’ region.

Noura Murad, Hind Midani, Faten Shahin (Helen Qajmini), Najah Safkouni and Lina Batea’.

Initial work team: Bassem Issa, Rana Yazji, Usama Al-Qousi, Mamer Abaza, Bassam Al-Tawil, Tawfiq Al-Zanasi, Al-Fares Al-Zahabi, Basel Elias, Ali Basha, Yaser Al-Safi.

Performers and Artists who worked with us:

Maisoun Abu Asaad, Shadi Muqresh, Mamer Abaza 2000 - 2006

Cécile Boëx, Tammam Maaddamani 2001 - 2008

Nusaima Daher , Mohammed Alarashi 2004 - 2006

Zilal Al-Jabi 2009 - 2004

Razmig Kaprielian, Omar Basha 2008 - 2010

Saeed Al-Ahmar, 2008 and 2016

Active Members

Artistic Team: Noura Murad, Shadi Ali, Dima Orsho, Radwan Taleb.

Performers: Hoor Malas, Nagham Mualla, Nawras Othman.

Administrative Team: Atyaf Mahdi, Andreea Muscurel.


French Cultural Centre (CCF) 1999-2011http://archnet.org/system/publications/contents/899/original/FLS0909.pdf?1384748998

Goethe Institute in Damascus 2004 -2010 http://www.goethe.de/ins/sy/ar/dam.html


Dar Al Fikr Publishing and Distribution 2004-2006 http://www.fikr.com/

French Institute of the Near East in Damascus 2007 http://www.ifporient.org/

Yung Arab Theatre Fund 2007 http://mophradat.org/ar/

Arab Fund for Culture and Arts 2007 - 2011 http://www.arabculturefund.org/home/index.php

German – French Élysée Foundation 2009-2010 

Hivos Culture Foundation 2009-2010 https://hivos.org/partner/cross-cultural-foundation-uganda

Radio Arabesque 2009

Le Pont Organization 2002-2010 http://www.festival-aleppo.org/home.php

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